Mail your photos as postcards.

Get the free travel app Postcards from Alaska to send postcards in the mail with a tap on the screen. Use your own photos as personalized postcards or choose from an Alaskan artist gallery.

How to share your Alaskan Adventure
Take a Photo

Snap photos like you always do - on your iPhone! "Say cheese!"

Send a Postcard

Open Postcards from Alaska. Send your photo as a printed, mailed postcard from anywhere.

Get back to Vacation

You don't need to find a stamp much less a mailbox. We'll send your card for you!

Simple to Use

Mail postcards at any time from your iPhone or iPad to anywhere in the world.

Great Value

Free to install. Printed postcards start at $1.49 including postage.

Quality Alaskan Memories

Your 4x6 postcards are printed in Alaska with eco-friendly ink on high-quality paper.

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