1. You will only use the app to send appropriate images and personal messages to people that you know.
  2. You are age 18 or older, or between the ages of 14 and 17 and using the app with the knowledge and consent of your legal guardian.
  3. You will not use the app to send any obscene, sexual, pornographic, harassing, fraudulent, threatening, insulting or other illegal or tortious images or messages.
  4. You will not infringe on any copyright using the app.
  5. You will not use the app to send any mass-mailings, or spam.
  6. You are solely responsible for determining whether your use of the app complies with all applicable laws, including the laws of the postcard’s destination.
  7. Alaska Litho does not guarantee or warrant anything. You agree not to hold Alaska Litho liable for anything, including damage to you or your property from the app.
  8. You have no remedy against Alaska Litho for an undelivered postcard or other failure of the app except a refund for the charge of the postcard. Alaska Litho may decide not to send a postcard for any reason. Possible reasons for not sending a postcard include concern that the postcard is inappropriate or that the user may have breached these terms and conditions. If Alaska Litho decides not to send a postcard, it will refund the charge for the postcard to the user. This term does not create a duty in Alaska Litho to ensure that users comply with these terms and conditions, or to review postcards, which will be generated and printed automatically.
  9. Alaska Litho can change or discontinue the app at any time without any advance notice to you. This includes changing prices, services provided, and these terms.
  10. Information Use Policy: Alaska Litho will only obtain the image, message and name that you choose to appear on the postcard, and your email address if you choose to provide it. Alaska Litho will not intentionally share this information with any person or entity outside Alaska Litho, and Alaska Litho will take ordinary measures to protect the information. However, Alaska Litho does not guarantee the privacy of the information, and will not notify you of any accidental or unintentional loss of control over the information. Alaska Litho may remove the information obtained from its servers at any time. Alaska Litho will not obtain any information related to payment of charges, which is routed through or based on the user’s payment choice.